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Plant on Gables are used to finish the end of an exposed wall cabinet

  • UV White (ARI01)
  • Oxford White (LQ-21704)
  • Pewter Grey (LQ21887)
  • Mocha (ST-23654)
  • SR Charcoal (ST-25254)
  • True White (LL2250)
  • Black (LL2265)
  • White (PARC01)
  • Graphite Storm (PARC36)
  • City Shadow (LK3104D)
  • Grey Bark (LK998)
  • Flagstone (MS404PL)
  • Dust Road (MS401PL)
  • Stardust (MS405PL)
  • Wenge (MS408PL)
  • Wyoming Maple (MS23015SL)
  • POG12.875-30-0.75
  • POG12.875-36-0.75
  • POG21.875-18-0.75
  • POG24.875-12-0.75
  • POG24.875-15-0.75
  • POG24.875-18-0.75
  • POG12.875-13.5-0.75
  • POG24.875-24-0.75
  • POG12.875-15-0.75
  • POG24.875-30-0.75
  • POG12.875-18-0.75
  • POG12.875-19.5-0.75
  • POG12.875-24-0.75

Plant on Gables come in a variety of sizes, precut to secure to the side of your cabinetry to match your cabinetry door finish.
Ensure to order the correct height and depth to match your cabinet. The depth will be the cabinet box plus the door.

Gable Code Width (") Length (") Thick (")
POG12.875-15-0.75 12 7/8 15 3/4
POG12.875-16.5-0.75 12 7/8 16 1/2 3/4
POG12.875-18-0.75 12 7/8 18 3/4
POG12.875-22.5-0.75 12 7/8 22 1/2 3/4
POG12.875-24-0.75 12 7/8 24 3/4
POG12.875-28.5-0.75 12 7/8 28 1/2 3/4
POG12.875-30-0.75 12 7/8 30 3/4
POG12.875-36-0.75 12 7/8 36 3/4
POG21.875-18-0.75 21 7/8 18 3/4
POG24.875-12-0.75 24 7/8 12 3/4
POG24.875-15-0.75 24 7/8 15 3/4
POG24.875-18-0.75 24 7/8 18 3/4
POG24.875-24-0.75 24 7/8 24 3/4
POG24.875-30-0.75 24 7/8 30 3/4


A soft microfiber cloth dampened with warm water is usually sufficient to clean your cabinets. If a more thorough cleaning is required, you may use a fresh solution of dishwashing liquid mixed with warm water. After cleaning with a damp cloth, dry immediately using another clean and dry microfiber cloth. 



Clean spills and splatters immediately. Prolonged exposure to spills, such as food, water, oil or grease splatters and other liquids can cause permanent discoloration or damage to your cabinets. 



Use a clean, soft, lint-free microfiber cloth for regular dusting. Packaged dusting sheets are not required or recommended. Do not use pre-moistened dusting sheets or aerosol products made for dusting.  



Waxing is not required or recommended. Over time, waxing and polishing compounds may build up on the surface of your cabinets and cause a hazy, streaky or yellowed appearance which is very difficult to remove.  



Be sure to avoid the following cleaning products as they may cause damage to your cabinetry: 

Harsh detergents, strong soaps, abrasive cleaning products such as tub and sink cleansers, scouring powder/pads, steel wool or self-polishing waxes. 

All our boxes come pre-assembled and ready to install for all your project needs 


Items are individually wrapped using heavy duty shrink wrap. 


All finished surfaces are protected in foam and cardboard corner protection and then wrapped in heavy duty stretch wrap.  

You can order your new kitchen or bathroom cabinets and have them delivered free of charge within 3 to 5 days (conditions apply). 

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UV White (ARI01), Oxford White (LQ-21704), Pewter Grey (LQ21887), Mocha (ST-23654), SR Charcoal (ST-25254), True White (LL2250), Black (LL2265), White (PARC01), Graphite Storm (PARC36), City Shadow (LK3104D), Grey Bark (LK998), Flagstone (MS404PL), Dust Road (MS401PL), Stardust (MS405PL), Wenge (MS408PL), Wyoming Maple (MS23015SL)


POG12.875-30-0.75, POG12.875-36-0.75, POG21.875-18-0.75, POG24.875-12-0.75, POG24.875-15-0.75, POG24.875-18-0.75, POG12.875-13.5-0.75, POG24.875-24-0.75, POG12.875-15-0.75, POG24.875-30-0.75, POG12.875-18-0.75, POG12.875-19.5-0.75, POG12.875-24-0.75