Kitchen Cabinet Measuring Process

How to Measure for New Kitchen Cabinets Step by Step

Whether you’re installing new kitchen cabinets or changing up your existing ones, it’s important to get complete, accurate measurements to prevent unnecessary spacing issues. We offer a complementary design service, so bring us your measurements and photos and let one of our Cabinet Express designers help you design your new space.

1. Measure Everything!

Measure the length and width of the room and the height of the walls.
Then from one corner, measure the location of windows and doors.
Record the swing of each door.
Write each dimension to the nearest 1/4 inch.

Be very thorough!

Include measurements for everything
The width of every doorway and window
How far the refrigerator protrudes into the room.
If there’s an island or peninsula, measure its length, height and depth

Check yourself!

Before proceeding,check and double-check your measurements for accuracy.

2. Draw a Floor Plan

Do a rough sketch of your kitchen cabinet layout, and then transfer it to graph paper with grids marked at 1/4 inch intervals. This is your “base plan” as it is called, and it should record the layout of the space as it currently exists. Indicate light fixtures, electrical outlets, and heat registers.

Indicate load-bearing walls. These walls cannot be moved or removed without compromising structural integrity. If you don’t know if a wall is load bearing, consult your architect or a qualified contractor. Never guess! Make Notations. On or next to your sketch, make a list of what you don’t like or want to change. Keep in mind that your plan does not have to be professionally drawn, only accurate in its rendition of the current space.

3. Plan Your Kitchen Zones

We advise thinking carefully about the efficiency of your kitchen.  For example, dishwashers should be placed next to the sink, cooking utensils should be placed near the stove. If you have particular appliances in mind, make sure you have their dimensions during this planning process.

Kitchen cabinets generally are planned around appliances so these larger objects need to be accounted for from the beginning.  Consider how you like to prep and cook, and how you like to store your dishware and pantry items.

Cabinet Express designers spend time with these details to ensure that the kitchen will function well. You’ll want to do the same, and it can be a fun process to go through.

Being a supply only product these measurents need to be acurate so measure twice before ordering your kitchen cabinets.