Our express line has 17 cabinet finishes to choose from, covering a large range of kitchen design budgets.


Available in Solid painted HDF and Stained Natural Maple.

Oxford White Cabinet Finish
LQ-21887 Pewter Grey

Solid Painted HDF (High Density Fiberboard)

Solid painted HDF is uniform in colour. It creates a clean, modern cabinet look without any visible wood grains or knots.

Stained Natural Maple

Creates an elegant and traditional look. We use only the highest quality solid hardwoods and veneers to give a natural warmth and feel.

OE Charcoal


Available in High Pressure and Low Pressure Laminate, Acrylic, UV and Matte Laquer Laminate.


Low Pressure Laminate

Low pressure laminate can be used to capture or enhance virtually any design style. These hard, durable panels are resistant to scuffs, stains, UV light and heat. Maintenance is minimal and can be easily cleaned, not to mention the beauty of its colour and surface texture is sure to last for many years.


Acrylics offer a smooth, high-shine finish and a great way to add a sleek, sophisticated and modern look to any room. Its easy to clean, durable and moisture resistant qualities, make it ideal for kitchens and bathrooms. Acrylics will maintain a fresh and bright appearance for many years to come.

LK 3104 D City Shadow
Grey Bark

High Pressure Laminates

HPL (High Pressure Laminate) is one of the market’s most versatile materials used by interior designers. It is also very strong, durable and easy to maintain. It can withstand impacts, chemicals, moisture, cold, heat and sunlight without suffering damage. The texture enhances the colors and adds dimensions to any project. It is a great way to add a sleek, sophisticated and modern look.

Ultra Violet

Now, this is polished! A UV drying process delivers a radiant brightness to these panels. Get the look of a stained door with the added benefits of a durable and highly scratch resistant finish. Like the gloss of satin by candlelight, this look will make a stunning compliment to your cabinet design plans.

MLL2265 ML Black
MLL250ML Decorators White

Matte Lacquer Laminates

Matte Laquer laminate is a specialty laminate with a solid core, providing continuous colour, even on the edges on your finished product. MLL lets you create visually crisp and stunning designs with no visible seams at the edges.

This durable material with high performance characteristics and color throughout allows you the flexibility to produce even the most complex designs with sharp details.

MLL reduces the appearance of smears, smudges and streaks creating a smooth and silky texture, your senses will swoon over this velvety, super matte surface.

Didn’t find the colour you are looking for?

You can choose from 100’s of Cabinet Finishes by visiting Zen Living which can all be ordered under our VN Cabinet Expess line.